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In Brazil we use corn flakes to cook Couscouz. Maybe what you are looking for is Semolina Flakes or whole grain spelt semolina?


This is quite typical for anything made with wholemeal flour. It has all of the wheat berry ground in it, including the hard outer hull. These hull particles tend to cut up the gluten of the dough, resulting in brittle end products. The more "rustic" your wholemeal flour is (so larger hull particles), the more pronounced the effect gets. An organic store ...


The thing that makes bread chewy is gluten. The easiest way to make chewier bread would probably be to use flour with a higher gluten content. You've said you don't want to "add gluten" so I'll assume that option is not on the table. For the same reason, I'll assume that replacing some of the whole wheat flour with white flour (which has a higher gluten ...

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