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I occasionally make similar whisky-based truffles. I'm normally a great fan of peaty whiskeys (e.g. Islay), and I once used Caol Ila. The smokey flavour did not work well with the chocolate. Therefore I would (personally) recommend against using something peaty/smoky.


Honestly, "whatever you want" is the only answer :) I have a similar seasonal recipe, and in various years, have tried: expensive bourbon cheap bourbon rum Drambuie Kahlua And so on... The flavors of your chosen liqueur will be somewhat muted by the chocolate, and so something with the complexity of Drambuie was a bit of a waste. However, ultra-cheap ...


I suggest using a regular bourbon; one that you can drink after you open a bottle for the recipe. If you don't drink the stuff, and just want some for the recipe, get the cheap one in small bottles, enough for 1/2 cup.

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