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Seafood questions ask about cooking or culinary treatment of fish and shellfish, or other foods harvested from lakes, rivers, and oceans.
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Questions about the practice of applying smoke to foodstuffs, often meat, in order to add flavor and/or preserve.
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For questions about safety in the kitchen, i.e. during cooking. Use the [food-safety] tag for questions about food safety.
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Questions about developing and maintaining a non-stick, rust resistant patina on certain kinds of cookware. Cast-iron and carbon steel in particular benefit from careful seasoning. Please use this tag…
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Questions about preparing and cooking noodles, a strip, ring, or tube of pasta or a similar dough, typically made with egg and usually eaten with a sauce or in a soup.
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Questions about use of, features of, or identification of a stove.
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For use in questions regarding the formation and/or use of gelatin (a commonly used a gelling agent in food) which is used in a wide range of foods such as gelatin desserts (Jell-O), trifles, aspic, …
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Implements used for cooking (e.g. whisk, spatula), serving (e.g. ladle), or eating (e.g. forks, spoons).
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Preserving food by immersion in vinegar or brine
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Topics around cooking without animal flesh or byproducts.
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Techniques and substitutions for gluten-free cooking and baking, especially for people with celiac disease or celiac sprue.
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Culture of yeast and lactobacilli in a flour/water mixture, used to leaven bread (also known as levain)
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should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Mexico - such as tamales, tacos or flan. Questions about ingredients common to Mexican-style cooking, but …
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Questions about preparing and serving sushi - a Japanese food which commonly includes short-grain Japanese rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt), fish or shellfish, and nori (seaweed paper). …
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for questions about food or drinks that have gone bad, or will soon be.
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Stewing is the process of low-cooking proteins, vegetables, and/or other solids in liquid with the objective of flavorful solids; stew is the result.
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For pancakes and similar products like crepes.
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Questions about the preparation or use of jam, fruit preserve made from fruit and sugar with the possible addition of pectin. Clear jam (without the bits) is also called jelly.
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Coconut generally means the sweet creamy interior flesh of a whole coconut. Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with coconut, coconut fle…
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for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with mushrooms as a star ingredient.
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Oil extracted from pressed olives.
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Questions about cheesecake, a kind of rich dessert cake made with cream and soft cheese on a graham cracker, cookie, or pastry crust, typically topped with a fruit sauce.
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should be about mimicking some existing dish, snack, drink, etc.
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