Major in Languages and Linguistics, currently trying to learn Python and Java... and many other things. I've recently discovered Dropbox and I'm going to use it for my needs! :)

I love
Languages, Movies (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Tarantino, etc.), Music, 3D Graphics, books and so on.

Appointed ♦ Moderator Pro Tempore on Linguistics SE and Chinese SE. If you're interested in other Stack Exchanges, try the Italian SE site.

I like to lurk on other sites' Metas. Meta is fun!

My feature requests:

  1. Alert a moderator when an answer is improved after a post notice
  2. Automatically add chat event to the community bulletin (or make it easier)
  3. Give 10k users the ability to see the total count of flags they've handled

Moderator issues: If you have concerns or want to contact me about my moderation, you can find/ping me either in the Linguistics SE chat room or CL&U chat room; if I'm not there or I'm "idle", just ping me! Please avoid using my personal email for such things. Use the chat rooms.

Languages List                       Languages with * = learning on my own

Mother Tongue: Italian, Sardinian;
Fluent: English, Spanish;
Less Fluent: French, German, Russian;
Learning: Japanese*, Chinese*, Swedish*, Greek*, Finnish*;
Willing to learn: Welsh, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi [to be continued]

Me gusta el Español.
J'aime le Français.
Deutsch gefällt mir.
Мне нравится Русский язык.
Jag älskar Svenska.

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