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What exactly is "Sushi Grade" fish?
18 votes

There is no real definition of 'sushi grade' fish. It's purely a marketing term to imply a higher quality piece of fish. There are some actions that should be done for tuna (really for all fish, but ...

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Secret to takeaway curry
Accepted answer
13 votes

If the English curry is similar to this, you are missing CREAM!

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How can I chop onions without crying?
7 votes

Keep your face away from the onion. Seriously! If you just move your head so it isn't directly above the onion when you cut it, the gasses that would normally go into your eyes won't and you won't ...

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How to Store Fresh Herbs
5 votes

Take a cup and fill with water. Put the cilantro in the cup (as if they were flowers) Place a ziploc bag over the top of the cilantro and loosely fit it around the top of the cup Place the cup in the ...

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