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Why did my caramel come out grainy?
8 votes

I noticed that you're stirring constantly. Generally with candy you want to stir as little as possible, since it causes sugar crystals to form in the syrup. In addition to making the candy grainier, ...

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Can you candy salt?
6 votes

If you're willing to add a soft texture, you can make a soft-ball caramel and knead the salt into that. Then freeze the 'dough' and shatter it with a chef's hammer. If you dip that in the dry caramel, ...

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Ways to make my cooking routine more efficient?
3 votes

It sounds like part of the problem is you're putting a very high standard on your cooking, since you're working hard to prep and use marinades. Normally this is a really good thing and is often the ...

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Are there any situations where untempered chocolate is better than tempered?
1 votes

I found a use! If you melt out all of the seeds and then don't agitate the chocolate at all while it's cooling, you end up with a ganache-like paste that works pretty well for making vegan, allergen-...

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How to make modeling chocolate shiny?
0 votes

Tempered chocolate spends a bit of time as firm but pliable before it turns completely hard. You could try cutting and shaping the chocolate into panels during this time, then apply them to the cake ...

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