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Is free-range chicken more flavourful?
13 votes

A study done in July 2008 found that in blind tests (i.e. if the eaters did not know whether they were eating "standard" or free-range chickens) the free-range chickens were actually found ...

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Cooking Ramen noodles in broth or not?
Accepted answer
10 votes

Usually it's best to cook dried noodles in boiling water, and drain and rinse them in cold water when they are done. This does a couple of things: helps ensure that the noodle is equally cooked all ...

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Why are the storage instructions extremely opposite in cases of tea and coffee?
Accepted answer
9 votes

"Both are derived from plants" is leading you astray. Tea is made from leaves, so does not freeze particularly well, like many other aromatic leaves (coriander, basil, other leafy herbs) that aren't ...

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What temperature of water will kill yeast?
2 votes

Yeast is happiest at around body temperature - 37°C. The higher you get, the more damaging it will be to the yeast. 30 or 40°C would be fine, but 50°C probably won't (though some yeast might survive). ...

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Is this soup, stew, or something else?
1 votes

That particular dish looks to me like Chinese hot pot, or a similar Asian hot pot (not to be confused with Lancashire hotpot, which is a kind of stew!). The main feature of the dish is that you have ...

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