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Bill the Lizard
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Python, Java, Android, etc. developer living in Charlotte, NC.

I used to blog (mostly about programming) at

I am the author of @BountyBot, a Twitter bot that posts new and interesting bounty questions from Stack Overflow. You can view the source on GitHub.

My Android apps on Google Play:

  • Three of a Kind - A fun, fast-paced strategy card game. Match any three symbols to win.
  • Sketchboard - Sketch drawings on your mobile device.
  • Serpent - An Android version of the classic mobile game Snake.
  • Math Blitz! - A fast-paced flashcard game to help students practice their arithmetic skills.
  • Linear Interpolator - Fill in the gaps in your data using linear interpolation.
  • Kitchen Calculator - A simple unit converter for common units used in cooking and homebrewing.

If you use any of these apps, please leave me a rating and any feedback for improvement.

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