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What's the best way to cook fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs
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15 votes

I rarely ever recommend boiling the heck out of meat. You are washing away all of the flavor. Remember water is a solvent and remove everything from the meat if it is left to boil long enough. For ...

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Shredded Coconut as a Substitute for...?
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4 votes

My wife loves it toasted. Toast shredded coconut in a dry pan or oven and put on ice cream and other deserts. It's really tasty. Like toasting other nuts be careful as if you blink it may burn.

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What is the purpose of basting a roast?
3 votes

The only thing I have ever found basting a roast does is increase the time it takes my food to cook because I keep opening the oven door. I don't buy that it helps with flavor or moisture.

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what's a good technique for freezing blueberries?
2 votes

When freezing any fruit, the quicker the better. The quicker you freeze the fruit the smaller the ice crystals are that form. The smaller the ice crystals, the less mushy the fruit will be when ...

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How do you open a coconut?
-2 votes

Since you didn't say you want to retain the coconut water, just use a big ol' axe!

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