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I am Software Developer at, have Masters degree in Computer Software Engineering, Bachelor degree in Computer Systems and Networking and knowledge from electrotechnical vocational school. I am also Husband, Father of 4 children, Catholic Christian, occasional football player, gamer (PC and board), person with dietary disability, curious, phlegmatic, introvert, intermittent faster, learning japanese. Also I have a dream of writing a novel (visual, interactive or any other), drawing a comics and publish game on any platform.

Mostly I program in Java/SQL/RPGILE.

Other skills and hobbies:

Some work skills:

  • Backend development with Spring Boot
  • Central banking systems on IBM i systems with RPG-ILE
  • SQL, T-SQL development (ETL, reporting)
  • ETL with SQL, T-SQL, MS SSIS, Scriptella, Xslt, Java
  • Workflow - BPMN design and implementation with Activiti/Flowable/Camunda frameworks
  • Web applications in GWT, Vaadin frameworks
  • Java desktop applications with Swing UI, Java CLI applications
  • Writing manuals in LaTeX
  • Data processing applications (importing/exporting invoice details)
  • Java image processing
  • Email processing applications - SMTP message parsing, building, adding track pixel, etc.
  • PostgreSQL, DB2, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL databases
  • Body-leasing - I am sometimes outsourced so I have some experience and flexibility
  • Interprocess communication with ActiveMQ/RabbitMQ
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