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Looking for a Blue Ingredient
5 votes

I would take 3 parts elderberry, 1 part water and heat it to boiling with a small amount of agar. Once cold you have blue to darkblue, slightly purple jelly. If you take a bit more agar it gets solid ...

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Are 'premium' spices worth the expense?
3 votes

I can't answer your question, but I can offer an analogy: Here in Australia mangoes cost $2 to $3 per piece at the bigger supermarkets during mango season. At the markets you'd pay 60c to $1. The ...

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How do I fix overly yeasty kefir?
2 votes

I can not give you an answer to your question, but whenever I had problems with kefir, I was told to thoroughly rinse the tuber and restart the kefir. On this German Website they recommend to restart ...

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How can I keep my blueberry pie firm without the flavor of corn starch?
1 votes

I would try agar. Agar is tasteless and easy to use and as far as I know it does not contain starch. It also keeps the filling clear. You could also try other starchy things as sago which does not ...

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Can I substitute agar-agar for gelatin in pudding?
0 votes

As a replacement for gelatine I would use Arrowroot or Tapioca, it is similarily clear, but it has a lower viscosity in my experience. What do you mean by pudding? Custard? Then I would use cornflour ...

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Does splitting spaghetti in half change the taste?
0 votes

A thought that may sound a little sciency: You have 50 long spaghetti and 100 short spaghetti (half the length of the long ones). The short ones have twice as many spaghetti endings, so the surface ...

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