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How do I make dosas smooth and shiny?
4 votes

The crispness comes from the very high heat of the very thick cast iron skillet used in restaurants. The usual non stick pan, unless it is made of heavy cast iron, cannot produce that crispness. Kind ...

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How To Get Flavour Into Dried Grains And Pulses
3 votes

Why infuse the flavor just during soaking? Unless you are eating them just soaked, after soaking you can cook(fry) the pulses with herbs and spices and that will give them a nice flavor. Most Indian ...

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How can I prevent a thick layer of tikka marinade on my chicken?
1 votes

Grill on high heat. The marinate, together with the fat, will form a delicious crust, something special indeed. If heat is not high, it will not chat, but become soft and gooey.

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What am I missing in my dishes (Indian Cuisine)
0 votes

Raw taste of food means that either you add too little spice or the spices don't mix well with the food, leaving some of the food raw. Make the curry first, and then add the food, and then coat it ...

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