Chris Koster

I enjoyed my career in professional cooking, and now choose to return to another passion, programming computers.

Currently living in South Africa (UTC+2), on the family farm, I will be continuing the adventure started as a PERL / *NIX programmer for the Faculty of Medicine at the University Of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ask me and I will be happy to tell you about cycling to work in -30C, working for the lab the help sequence the opium poppy, cooking for celebrities (including, but not limited to, David Gilmore, Christie Brinkley, Alec Baldwin) at The Banffshire Club, cooking for Swedish royalty during the Winter 2010 Olympics, and assisted in eye surgery on a horse.

Currently, I have put together a MySQL database for the cattle farm, to track weekly counts, and individual records for each of the 1300 cattle. I had QR codes put on cattle ear tags, so we can use a cell phone to scan the animals to retrieve records, automate the cattle scale to enter directly into the database using a Raspberry Pi. This project was motivated by the lack of records on the farm and a lack of funds for anything but the basic hardware like scales and tags that we already had.

I also run a small, on site, butchery for the grass fed beef that we raise.

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