I cut open a purple cabbage and there are some strange sort of greyish, slightly yellowish sprout-like masses inside. Is this normal? I saw another post on this stack with a similar question, but my 'masses' look more...moldy, I guess? Is it immature flower shoots as the other post says? Is it safe to eat this cabbage? Thank you in advance cabbage growth

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    Does this answer your question? What is this yellow and white mass inside my red cabbage? – Peter Duniho May 24 '20 at 2:45
  • Well it seems somewhat similar, but as I said, my 'masses' seem much darker, almost moldy ... The other post looks ...fresh. it's just hard to tell. Can you see my image? – DonnaKaye May 24 '20 at 3:31
  • You say they look moldy, the picture look moldy and rotting to me too... is there any other smell/texture/anything that is inconsistent with mold or rot? – Phil May 24 '20 at 5:06
  • No, not at all - seems fine otherwise – DonnaKaye May 24 '20 at 7:04
  • I think what it might be is indeed the 'immature flowering' that the other post concluded, but that this head must be a bit older, and the sprouting flowers have started to decay just a bit...not quite rotten, but dying. Does that seem feasible? – DonnaKaye May 24 '20 at 7:12

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