I have a can of Totole granulated chicken flavor soup base mix, but I cannot read what I presume are the directions on the back. I want to try making a Chinese-American restaurant style egg drop soup with it, but don't know what ratio to water or stock to use. Can anyone tell me how to use this?

I considered asking this on the Chinese Language Stack Exchange, but they don't allow translation requests. I also tried a translation app but didn't have much success.

Back of Totole can

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    I can't answer this directly, I don't speak Chinese. If you don't get an answer, most soup mixes and stock powders are 2-3 tsp per 500ml of water, so you could use that as a baseline. It will dissolve in seconds so you could just keep adding spoons until you get the right flavor.
    – GdD
    Feb 8 at 12:28


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