I would like to make an icing for my family member who has a milk allergy. I have a recipe for whipped fluffy icing using whole milk, flour, sugar and margerine. It is cooked, then cooled and additional steps follow. Will it turn out well if I substitute soy milk and vegan margerine? Also, can it be refrigerated?

  • It would be helpful if you were to add the actual recipe to the question.
    – Jolenealaska
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    "vegan butter" is a synonym for "high quality margarine".... Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 8:54

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Yes. Soy milk (or any other non-dairy milk such as almond milk) can be used as a direct substitute for dairy milk. (Your mileage may vary if you make homemade soy milk, which may have a more "beany" flavor.) In addition, vegan margarine such as Earth Balance can be used as a direct substitute for butter. In fact, these are two of the easiest vegan substitutions.

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