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6 votes
4 answers

How to make savoury brioche bread

I know the original brioche recipe is supposed to be slightly sweet, but I really enjoy a brioche hamburger bun that one of my local bakeries does and it's really savoury. I tried making brioche ...
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Identifying a type of Pizza Topping

I was looking at the tiny nation of Brunei on Google Maps, and I noticed they have a Pizza-Hut there, not too many details but a few photos were attached and there was a Pizza that I didn't recognise, ...
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Can I make a sponge cake without sugar?

I want to experiment with making a savoury sponge cake. The idea is to make something that has the texture of a sponge cake but isn't sweet, and I'll fill it with some creamy savoury sauce that I ...
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Making my Chicken Madras more savoury

I have been trying to imitate the gold standard of curries; The British Indian Restaurant (BIR) Chicken Madras and have had some success. I have made the base-curry sauce as per the books and it works ...
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Turkish substitute for Mascarpone?

I often make this simple recipe - [fresh] tagliatelle with spinach & mascarpone. Garlic, sautéed in butter & olive oil, wilt the spinach, a dash of nutmeg, very generous dollop of mascarpone, ...
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Are English scones savoury?

I know that scones are often seen as an unhealthy snack, but many English recipes don't actually include that much sugar and English scones contain much less sugar than American scones (why do ...
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