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Temperature to bake/warm up a pumpkin pie that isnt frozen

Temperature to cook/warm up a store bought pumpkin pie that is not frozen.
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Does a stovetop warming element obviate the need for a slow cooker?

Context I am not convinced that wasting all the energy needed to heat an oven is necessary for replacing a slow cooker. A well-designed (thick bottom, continuing to heavy walls) pot on the stove ...
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Hot cups and dishes

New combo micro covection not useful to warm my coffee as the cups get burning hot. They do not get hot in my regular microwave
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What's the best way to warm a baguette?

I baked French bread recently. They were crusty outside and moist inside. Delicious! I froze a few. How should I heat them so they're as good as when they were freshly baked?
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Should I fill up a double boiler or leave an air gap?

I have a double boiler that looks like this: I have been trying to use it to warm soup, but the soup heats up very slowly. Currently, I have just an inch or two of water in the bottom, so the ...
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