I always have trouble reading the diagrams that indicate the cuts of meat. It's hard to tell how deep the cuts go, etc. Are there any 3D diagrams out there? This blog entry has a cross section of the pig and shows you the real cuts which is pretty awesome!

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    Not sure if you noticed, but on the page you linked to, in the "More info" section, there's a link to this University of Nebraska Porcine Myology page which has some pretty cool visualizations - and there's also a beef one They're not labeled with cuts, but you can really see the structure.
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    Commented Jan 5, 2012 at 18:24

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If you watch Alton Brown's show Good Eats (Food Network) he frequently uses 3D models to show where various cuts come from. A good example is the episode "Tender is the Loin", where he uses a model of a steer to show where the loin primal is and then location of the tenderloins.

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