How much pulled pork will 26 pounds (12 Kg) of raw boneless pork butt make?

I am making this in several crock-pots. This is my first time making pulled pork for a large crowd

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It depends on your portion size. If you figure a 6 oz portion and 45 - 50% loss on boneless pork butt (based on some internet research)...I would estimate that 26 lbs would feed around 35 people.

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    I suspect OP wants to know how much will be lost to unusable (or evaporated, or water drained off) portions.
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Each Kg (2.2 lb) is will result in at least 0.6 Kg (1.3 lb) of pulled pork (a similar amount for beef)

A large dinner serving is 200 g (8 oz), or a typical dinner burrito requires 50 g, budget two burritos per person

There is a 20% to 40% loss by weight of fat and fluid depending on quality of pork and cooking method and temperature

Remember not to stuff your crock-pot above the inner rim, or it will overflow with the release of fat and fluids. Most crock-pots will not take more than 4 to 5 Kg (10 to 22 lb) of meat, and will take 20 to 24 hours to cook this amount on low

We produced pulled pork for burritos for 50 people last week, 5 Kg in one large crock-pot, 24 hours on low. The group eat a proper mixed diet, so meat serving size less than the typical North American slab. It was perfect :-)

  • 0.6kg is ~1.3lb. And were the 50 people being served lunch or dinner, and were there other options that might affect amounts (eg, a vegetarian alternative)?
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Host a lot of parties, typically I plan on 1 pound per person as a general rule of thumb.

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