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Can I use a can of 'make your own' marmalade beyond the 'best before' date?

I have a can of ‘make your own marmalade’. It’s three years after its 'best before' date. Will it be safe to use?
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How to tell whether citrus marmalade is overcooked

I only ate commercially made citrus marmalades before and from this experience know that there may be variations in thickness, color and taste. The kumquat marmalade I made came out thicker than ...
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can you make marmalade using sous vide?

Since making marmalade involves cooking fruit and pectin and juices at a particular temperature for a specified amount of time, can you use sous vide to mimic this process and make and can marmalade ...
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why a citric fruit rind is cooked several times to make a marmalade

why the citric fruit rind is cooked several times to make a marmalade? i meaning boiled several times, its to reduce acidity or bitterness or what?
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