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Are sardines I order in Winter farmed?

In Portugal and Spain, there are quite strict quota regulations limiting fishing to late Spring, Summer and early Autumn: quota regulations for sardines. Those quotas regulate the fishing of "...
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Can I cook with the olive oil from canned sardines?

The olive oil from canned sardine is delicious to eat with the sardines themselves on toast. However the olive oil doesn't seem to pair with any other food. In the past I tried to use the oil with ...
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What to do with the olive oil from canned sardines?

Olive oil is good for you, and it seems wasteful to throw it away. Yet all recipes call for draining the sardines prior to usage. Any good ideas on what to do with that olive oil? Is it some bad kind ...
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Unopened canned sardines behaving strangely but not expired

I have some canned sardines that expire in April. It's still January, I opened one and it smelled stronger than I remember, and tasted differently (almost like cheese, sort-of). It may just be because ...
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Why do canned sardines have no protein scum?

I believe canned sardines are cooked in the can. I notice they never have any protein scum, albumin etc. Do you know why or where in the cooking process is it removed?
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What are these little balls in my sardines?

I opened a container of sardines and found loads of little round balls in what appears to be its belly. What are these things? Are they eggs the sardine was going to lay (or whatever it's called for ...
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How can I more effectively remove bones, when fileting a sardine?

Sardines ("kilu") are very common out here in Tallinn, and are very commonly eaten raw (e.g. kiluvõileib). It's particularly easy (and cheap) to find whole sardines that you can filet yourself. I have ...
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Sardines as a snack [closed]

We like to eat sardines with crackers for a lunchtime snack. What are some good sauces and toppings for sardines?
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