I left hard boiled eggs in cold water over night are they still good to eat? The have the egg odor to them


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It depends just how long they are out. In truth, I often take raw eggs out the night before baking so that they come to room temperature. As a child, I remember eating hard-boiled eggs from our Easter basket--sometimes several days later with no problem. This is my "take" on eggs after 72 years!

The USDA definitely disagrees with me, and attached is the US Government's "scientific" view: https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/How-long-can-you-keep-hard-cooked-eggs

Ultimately, trust your nose: If it smells fine, eat it (the egg, not your nose).

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    Smell is not a reliable indicator of food safety. It is, perhaps, a better indicator of spoilage, but really not a useful food safety tool. The problem with using your nose is that, more often than not, food borne pathogens don't create off-aromas. Another challenge is that personal experience...luck...is not a helpful way to think about food safety either. Best to go with the science (deliberately not in quotes). :-)
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