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Chopping shallots super fine

My favorite recipe for deviled eggs involves finely-chopped shallots and a piping bag. It’s rather labor-intensive to chop the shallots finely enough to avoid clogging the piping tip. My knife skills ...
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What is the functional purpose of straining out shallots from a Beurre Rouge (Red Butter Sauce)?

Curious as to the reasoning behind why the French favor straining out shallots. Specifically I'm wondering if this is a purely textural thing, or if leaving in the shallots causes the sauce to have ...
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Why do my shallots keep turning blue?

Title sums it up, every now and then I'll notice that shallots sometimes take on a pronounced blue (or purple) tinge after cooking. I've noticed it when they're sauteed or roasted, seemingly ...
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Are shallots less gas-producing than yellow onion?

I realise the answer's probably subjective and might vary among individuals but in your experience, have you found cooking with shallots to be less 'gassy' than using yellow onions? I'm not allergic ...
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How to keep shallots from overpowering vinegarettes

Most recipes call for minced shallot in a basic vinegarette. However, whenever I use it, the taste of shallot overpowers everything else in the dressing, leaving an aftertaste that usually lasts ...
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Spring onion (green onion/scallion) in coq au vin?

I recently ran into an Australian recipe for coq au vin that called for "spring onions", which (in Australia) refers unambiguously to what the French call cébette: Oddly, the recipe calls for 800g of ...
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Is there a close substitution for shallots?

I can't really find shallots and i'm short on time. Are there any close substitutions for shallots?
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Why shallots over onions?

It seems that in more advanced cookbooks and when watching professional chefs that shallots are used extensively. They seem to be used in the places where onions are in cookbooks which are aimed at ...
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How to prepare shallot greens?

I have a bunch of shallots with the greens (stems) on them, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with them. How are they used? Throw them in with the shallot bulbs? Use them like green onions ...
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