I'm assuming asking this question is ok since questions about kitchen equipment and cutlery are permitted.

So far I've only found steel plates that have a vertical edge. Do these vertical-edged plates have a specific name that I could search for, to check if they are available as a microwavable plates?
enter image description here

Most plates are pretty flat, which causes food to annoyingly go off the edge and onto the table.
enter image description here

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    The top one doesn't look like a plate; it looks like one of those small trays they serve Thali on. – Tetsujin May 8 '20 at 7:58
  • "Pie plate" seems to yield some results – Duarte Farrajota Ramos May 8 '20 at 11:37
  • @Tetsujin: The steel plates are available in many sizes, including 6 inch diameter. Thali itself means "plate", and is just a way of serving the food. We take the katori's from the thali and place them on the table before starting the meal. The steel plate is a full-fledged dinner plate. – Nav May 8 '20 at 15:10
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    @DuarteFarrajotaRamos: Thank you. Although "pie plate" isn't the right type, your reply led me to "raised edge dinner plate" and "divided scoop dinner plate". – Nav May 8 '20 at 15:13
  • When I was young and learning ESL(English as second language) I was taught the flat one is a dish while the raised edge one is a plate. But here it says the compete opposite: english.stackexchange.com/questions/6276/… – user3528438 May 8 '20 at 16:22

With Duarte's help, I found the plates are:

There are also lipped edge plates, but it doesn't always satisfy the requirement of food not going off the edge.

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