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How can chia seeds be added to cookie dough without affecting the spread?

I’d like to add chia seeds to oatmeal cookies, but I know they can act as a binding agent, which I don’t want. I’ve heard you should soak them first, but that adds liquid, which would also affect the ...
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What are the black little seeds in my chia?

Regardless of where I procure my chia seeds, I always find, mixed with them, some quantity of smaller and darker seeds which don't seem to be chia. These seeds are black (noticeably darker than the ...
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Does boiling chia seed affect the amount of omega 3 (ALA) in them?

I used to add them to lentils in a stew like dish, mainly to get my ALA requirements. I read that Omega 3 fatty acids are not heat stable but I am not sure at what temperature they are broken down.
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How can I clean chia seeds?

I'm wondering about how to properly clean chia seeds since they cannot be washed in water as other seeds. I've read that they need not to be washed, but then how to clean them?
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Soaked chia seeds do not swell as expected

I soaked chia seeds in milk overnight and kept them in the fridge. The next morning I did not find them very swelled. What can I do to improve this.
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What does it mean when chia seeds are bitter?

I have bough some chia seeds in bulk and when I add liquid their gel have a bitter, almost chemical taste. What does it mean (bad quality? stale?) and how can I get rid of it (if that's safe)?
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Are Chia Powder and Ground Chia the same product?

I've found a few recipes involving Chia powder, but locally, I've only found Ground Chia. I want to know if these are the same, and if it's safe to use ground chia in these aforementioned recipes (and ...
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Use chia seeds to help thicken a pot pie

Can I put chia seeds in a pot pie filling to help thicken it? If so, how would I do it? (i.e., how much chia seeds, how much cornstarch, do I need to pre-soak, etc.) Edit: It was this recipe, and it ...
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Can I eat Chia leaves?

Just out of curiousity I planted some Chia seeds in a pot. Turned out they grow like crazy and seem pretty undemanding. Now I also noticed that they smell quite nicely, a bit like basil and wondered ...
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How long will soaked chia seeds last?

I was just wondering how long you could keep chia seeds in the refrigerator after they have already soaked in the water. I know dry chia seeds have an extremely long life if stored properly but I can'...
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Adding raw chia seeds to baked goods?

I have seen Chia Seeds used after being soaked in baking and other recipes, but could you just use them raw? I was thinking about replacing the poppy seeds in a lemon poppyseed muffin recipe with them ...
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How long should chia seeds soak?

I am new to use chia seeds. I soaked them in water for about an hour and there was no significant difference in the size. As per websites it could grow like 12 times the original size. How much ...
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Chia seeds as replacement of oil in bakery

I found that chia seeds mixed with water form a somewhat gelatin mixture that can be used for bakery instead of oil or butter. I would like to try it but I have no idea if I should replace 1/3 cup of ...
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What differences are there between Chia and Flax Eggs?

In substituting Flax Eggs (milled/ground flax seeds in a water slurry, after they congeal) for regular eggs, I have found them to be a versatile aide in baking and thickening any number of dishes. I ...
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What is the purpose of making Iskiate from Chia seeds?

I'm reading "Born to Run" and learned that the Tarahumara peoples of Mexico eat Chia seeds to give them energy. In the book they mix the seeds with water, some lime juice and a bit of sugar... to ...
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