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Failed to make glossy date syrup

I tried to make date syrup but ended up with something more like date puree. I attempted to boil the mixture for a longer period of time, but it didn't help. I also tried to strain it through a sieve, ...
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How to preserve a sugar, oil free homemade chocolate spread? [duplicate]

I'm starting to make a business of selling homemade sugar and oil free chocolate spread, which will be sweetened with dates. My ingredients are: Sugar free cocoa powder Hazelnuts Dates And water. I do ...
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Are dates still good if they sat in a sealed bag in the sun?

I had some groceries delivered and the dates were packaged in sealed plastic bags -- they got pretty hot sitting in the sun, so it was kinda sweating inside the bag. Are they still good?
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Dried fruit and calcium levels [closed]

My daughter suffers from lactose intolerance and/or milk protein allergy (this has yet to be confirmed by a paediatrician due to the way the NHS works in the UK). I tend to bake fruit cakes and mix ...
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My date has some black powder in it. Is it safe to eat?

Im cooking a Blue Apron dish that uses Medjool dates. One of the ones I chopped has a very fine black powder in it. Is it safe to eat?
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how to make health bar hold (stick) together

Much to my surprise - this came out cake like instead of crunchy semi-hard granola bar. Asking for advice to save money and time. I thought of eliminating the egg or possibly adding more egg white? ...
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Can I use dried dates instead of fresh ones for baking a cake? The dates should build the base of the cake

I have a cake recipe, which is based on a mixture of 250 g dates and 200 g almonds, which is mixed in the end. Can I use dried dates instead of fresh ones? The full recipe is, for 10-12 ...
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(Is it safe?) Preparing Breakfast in Bulk

Seasoned Advice-Givers, I make an excellent breakfast, but would like to prepare a 7-day supply in bulk, to eliminate the preparation time I expend every weeknight. The ingredients are: 3 Cups ...
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coffee from seeds of dates

I once heard that it is possible to make coffee from seeds of dates. I heard that you have to bake them in a low temperature. So, I took seeds of dates, baked them in the oven in 100 degrees celsius ...
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Murgh Shahi Korma

My father in law thinks "korma" may refer to dates, but it's supposed to be derived from the Urdu term for braising. The other two words "shahi" and "murgh" seem to indicate the Farsi words for king ...
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