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Understanding cold-blended cheese dip being runny but setting overnight

I made a cheese dip by blending sour cream with soft goat cheese and some flavorings. The sour cream was mildly firm; blending did not warm up the mixture. It came out as a liquid. I set it up to ...
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Will lemon in a cheese dip work like melting salt?

I was looking at recipes for cheese dips and sauces. One of them mentioned that the specified lemon juice would make it 'markedly' more digestible. (The recipe is for Nacho dip (in German) and uses 1 ...
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How can I thicken French Onion chip dip?

Many store-bought chip dips have a firm, thick texture that's hard to replicate at home. If I draw a Ruffles chip through a commercial French Onion Dip, I can still see the ridges in the dip the next ...
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Yogurt + tahini = paste?

I had dip made with Target store brand plain nonfat Greek yogurt, minced garlic, powdered ginger, lemongrass paste, salt, and nothing else; the dip was soft and creamy. I added some Sprouts store ...
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How to make Ghost Pepper Queso

I have an event coming up and the person who usually brings the popular 'Ghost Pepper Cheese Dip' can't make it. I've order some 'Smoked and Dried Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chili Pepper Pods' but I have not ...
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Making a dip ahead of time

I would like to make a chunky dip using cooked broad beans, olive oil, white vinegar and Parmesan. Would mixing it together, covering and storing it in fridge for several hours in advance, keep the ...
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Why do store-bought dips have such a limited shelf life?

Why do store-bought dips (guacamole, sour cream and chive, salsa...) typically say "Keep refrigerated and consume within 24 [or 48] hours of opening"? Before opening they typically have a "use by" ...
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Can I substitute low fat greek yogurt for light sour cream in a high speed blender?

I'm wondering whether the blending speed will affect the texture of the yogurt unfavourably. I am making a spinach and artichoke dip, and I want to lower the calories per serving. If I can substitute, ...
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How to thicken garlic dressing

Nineteen times out of twenty when I make a salad dressing from olive oil, salt, dill, garlic and apple cider vinegar, blended in a pint measuring cup with an electric powered hand mixer, it comes out ...
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How could buffalo chicken dip be stabilized?

I frequently see buffalo chicken dip showing up at parties. The idea of it sounds pretty good, but more often it ends up all separated with pools of grease like this: (Source: ...
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