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What is the purpose of "shock chilling" food after cooking?

Recipes often have instructions like: Remove bag from bath and immediately transfer to an ice water bath to shock chill the turkey. — (The Foolproof Sous Vide Thanksgiving Turkey). I never see them ...
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Are chemical ice packs as efficient as regular ice?

I live in a moderately temporary climate and our fridge freezer does not have an built-in ice maker. I want to rapidly chill food after cooking it sous vide. Would cold water from the tap supplemented ...
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How long should I keep something in the freezer to chill it?

I once placed a can of beer in the freezer for an hour. It did not freeze, and it was great. However, now I need to cool some whipped cream (un-whipped), and the packet says I need to keep it in the ...
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How long does doughnut dough need to chill? What is meant by "chill over night?"

In the recipe it says chill over night, but how many hours would that mean?
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Chemical leavening and dough chilling

If chemical reaction begins when baking soda/powder are added to cookie dough, how does chilling the dough (often recommended to re-firm the butter) impact the chemical leavening process?
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Why does canelé batter have to be made 24 hours in advance?

I am experimenting with making canelé. All recipes I've found call for the batter to be made and left in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before baking, but none say why. One guess is that ...
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Is it okay to freeze a cheesecake for a shorter period of time as opposed to chilling it longer?

I'm sure this has happened before... you're bringing the cheesecake to the party, only to realize the recipe you're using tells you chill it for 12 hours! Is there any way around this? Will it come ...
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Do I chill mead?

I've just bought a bottle of mead for the first time - do I need to chill it before drinking, like a white wine, or let it breathe before drinking, like a red wine?
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how long does chilling take for this icecream recipe

The link at the bottom is for an icecream recipe without the machine. One part of it requires chilling a heated mixture. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the chilling will take since the other ...
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Long chilling of brioche dough?

What benefit should I expect from longer chilling of brioche dough? My recipe calls for kneading, allowing the dough to rise until doubled, chilling (without deflating) for one hour, deflating, ...
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How can I chill ice coffee quickly?

I brew coffee using a french press. After I've pressed it, how can I make it chill fast? I've tried pouring it into a wider container (larger surface area) and putting it in the freezer. This is not ...
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How to chill a compote?

Our apricot tree is overloaded with apricots this year so I have been trying out a variety of different apricot recipes. I am particularily enjoying an apricot compote recipe, however I am having ...
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Chilling? How can I quantify that?

This question seems slightly ridiculous, but I'm a noob, so bear with me. In this oft-referred to recipe for making ice cream, what does "chill-completely" mean exactly? Is there a measurable ...
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What is a good way to cooldown my food and drink without a fridge?

So I'm out camping, and I don't have a fridge, what are good ways to cool-down my food or drinks? I've tried mixing salt and water to create a endothermic reaction, but it didn't work too well. What ...
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