At several restaurants I've been to, in addition to serving an amuse-bouche at the beginning of a meal, there is an equivalent complementary small desert served at the end, sometimes before or after the check.

What on earth is the name for this "course"?


I believe you're thinking of "mignardises." This is what they call it on the french laundry menu, and others.

Another possibility is "Petit Fours", which are small pastries typically served at the end of a meal. I believe there is some overlap in the use of the two terms.

  • mignardises is pretty commonly used on tasting menus and would actually include something like a petit fours so i think this is on the right track. +1 – Brendan May 28 '13 at 19:09

I have never heard a specific name for this that is widely used.

In some places it might be called a a lagniappe (a small free extra, the term originated in Louisiana), or perhaps just a complimentary dessert.

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