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Very important to get the salt content right or you end uo with spoiled cabbage (yep not sauerkraut). According to my google search the avg Cabbage 1 pound = 4–½ cups shredded. I'm assuming that's a medium?


I agree with @moscafj. However, one consideration might be anaerobic respiration rather than aerobic - resulting in some alcohol being produced. Over normal rising times I don't think this will reach any level that might either kill the yeast (around 10-12% usually) or produce intoxication of the consumer, but it might well produce a moderate amount of ...


This should not impact your rise at all, unless the container is too small to allow for dough expansion. In which case, you might have a mess on your hands. Many people (me included) use sealable containers, though I more frequently just use a clean kitchen towel (a plate would work too), the idea is just to keep the dough from drying.


Short answer: Oven-dried olives are your only non-salted option. Long answer: Almost all olive cures involve some quantity of salt. Some olives are just brined; olives cured with lye are also brined; so-called "oil-cured olives" are actually heavily salted. Your only non-salted option are "oven-dried olives", a Tuscan specialty ... but they won't taste ...


I have been making kefir for many years now. I always freeze grains using the dry milk powder mentioned above. Four days ago I cleaned our freezer of expired foods and found grains frozen 5 years ago. I was curious it they might be revived after so long since I've never left them for over one year. I rinsed them with tapwater (I admit to being abusive to my ...


Tomatoes can be fermented, and many folks enjoy the result, using them in savory culinary applications To make a wine, you would probably want to add some ingredients to balance the acidity that most tomatoes bring to the final product. Here is an example of one such recipe, but I am sure there are others.


It is possible. The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations classes wine as grape wine, citrus wine, or fruit wine; as examples of labelling of citrus wine containing only one fruit it mentions orange wine and grapefruit wine. However, the Wikipedia page on fruit wine notes that it's difficult to make, and it's normal for some of the citric acid to be neutralised.


I've had a canning jar stuck inside another jar multiple times, how it happens is beyond me, its almost like I turn my back and the jar jumps inside of the other one. I've tried everything and the trick to getting it out is spray coconut oil, if you love your jars you'll buy it. If your stuck jar has a lid on it, take a thin dry washcloth, slide it by the ...

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