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Your post suggests that you just picked these leaves. Please check your plant to see if any other leaves are coated with this mysterious white substance. If so, your plant may be affected by an insect, insecticide dusting, or fungi. All things that you should address. If you have a County Arboretum nearby, you could consult with them. Take a sprig of the ...


The dark underside is normal for some varieties, but the white on top is another matter. It could well be powdery mildew which while seemingly not toxic will spoil the eating qualities, or it could be mould from damp storage. I'd look for better leaves elsewhere on the plant. Here's a little more detail


Fresh oregano is a wonderful herb, there's no reason you can't use it, just wash the leaves with clean water beforehand to make sure they are free of soil or other contaminants. In the case of the leaves shown in the picture some look like they have fungus growing on them, they are probably safe if cooked but I wouldn't expect them to taste very good. Use ...


There is no way adding chilli powder late is going to make your dish smell 'bad', in any way, shape or form. You can add chilli powder at any time. The longer it cooks, the deeper the flavours, but if all you want to do is pep it up a bit, you can add it right at the end. Also, with garam masala, even if you add some right at the start so it cooks down ...


I would also like to can some pesto - thinking maybe blend basil with a little water, then pressure can and add oil, cheese, and nuts when you open the jar?


I suspect that the word intended was "capsicum". 2 ounces of chili pepper would be reasonable given the amounts of other spices. 2 ounces of capsaicin would be difficult to source and would make the beer essentially inedible.


I would vote for a spelling error, and that capaicine is actually capsaicin. I can't find any reference for the original spelling. I have never consumed horehound beer, but it seems to me that, in looking at the ingredients, a little spice-heat would make sense. Think of the spiciness you get in the back of your throat when drinking ginger ale. I would ...

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