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Good ways to store coffee?

Whole beans store best in the dark, at room temperature with as little air/moisture ingress as possible. Because the oils when the beans are fresh-roasted are quite volatile - hence the little '...
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Minimum procedure for sterilizing mason jars for canning

All professional sources and manufacturers of canning equipment (Ball, Kerr, etc) now say "If processing for 10min or more, the only sterilization needed is hot soapy water prior to filling, the ...
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Botulism, Garlic, Cold pressed Olive oil and mason jars

Addendum to Scott's excellent answer: Food safety inspectors want a pH of below 4.6 for a shelf-safe product. Because botulinium toxin is so dangerous (it's odourless and tasteless at the tiny ...
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How can I safely store garlic and ginger in oil without preservatives?

According to these CDC guidelines regarding botulism, storing fresh garlic in oil in the refrigerator is safe for up to 4 days. Very little information is available about fresh ginger in oil, but ...
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