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There are two ways I know of that vinegar is used on strawberries. First, and this is the method I believe you are talking about, is as a wash. The berries are not left in the vinegar, they are simply rinsed in it, normally a vinegar water solution. It is used to clean them, and the theory at least is that the low Ph of the vinegar will kill the nasty ...


Ideally strawberries should be picked the day they're eaten. Adjusting your shopping plans to the day before or so would be best in any case. I've never heard of this vinegar bath trick, but I've sometimes kept strawberries overnight that I had mixed with lemon juice. They're not less sweet, but the texture is blah, going on mushy. I would experiment at ...


You could/should directly ask the sausage maker, if you do, report back and edit your question (or answer, I'm not certain which is proper).


Once you slice into a fresh tomato, you're looking at 1-2 days before it starts to get mushy and go "off" and 3 days to go sour (in the fridge). Fresh lemon and lime juice starts to go rancid after a few days as well. Best to make small batches fresh and consume the same day. 1-2 weeks? Oh, man...

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