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A fruit cake would not be sugar free strictly speaking, since fruits have sugars, but you can make a fruit cake without adding extra sugar by using lots of very sweet dried fruits like dates, raisins and figs. A cafe I know has a "famous" vegan no sugar no oil cake which is made of about 50% mixed dried fruits. They use dried dates, raisins and ...


Straight up msg my guy, alternatively get some course salt and whole Sichuan peppercorns, toast together in a dry pan and pick out the peppers after it gets fragrant


Here is a recipe I use. 2 to 3 shakes from each of the following (in powdered form from spice containers that have small holes on top): Cinnamon Ancho Chili Cardamom Cayenne Pepper Just leave off the Cayenne for milder spice.


Pork belly! Very similar to guanciale, maybe slightly less fat.


I am going to try hops leaves, simply because someone in my neighborhood has hops plants they don't want, and I don't make beer but I see that the leaves look very similar to grape leaves, and the plant is edible.

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