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I am unable to eat tomatoes. What can I use instead, especially in soups?

Puree squash and tamarind will give you that tomatoes taste. I used it in curries,.sooo good. Roasted kabocha squash is an amazing replacement as well ins salad etc.
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What could I substitute for coffee in an Opéra cake

I have no fondness for coffee in chocolate desserts with one or two exceptions, so my suggestion is why don't you try some black tea or Earl Grey tea? They're just as powerful. Or maybe some ...
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Can I bake cookies without baking paper?

Yes, you can bake cookies without baking paper. I've been in the same situation before. Instead of baking paper, you can use greased aluminum foil or simply grease the baking tray directly. Just ...
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Can I get the same solid compressed result from my meat press using cooked meats?

The chemical processes which bind chopped/minced raw meat during cooking do not happen when already-cooked meat is pressed, even if it is then reheated. If you add some concentrated aspic to the hot ...
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