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My knowledge MSM Beef was banned in 2004 but had been used since at least the 80s before that. I originally heard about this from my dad who was and is still a butcher manager. I just texted him and he said that MSM Beef is still prohibited for human consumption because of mad cow disease but mechanically separated Pork is legal and can be used when the ...


Many years ago I saw a number of East Africans (Kenya) eat pelicans and it had been salted for a few days and it still tasted like fish. On the other hand the tribe at Lake Naivasha ate flamingo and it tasted just like flamingo should taste.


If your oven goes down to the correct temperature then you won't have a problem. My oven goes down to 75C and I've done plenty of beef jerky with it. If the oven isn't a convection oven it will take longer and it helps to flip the meat halfway through. My previous oven was a gas oven that didn't have as precise control of the temperature, so I turned it ...


Topside is a good cut of beef for slowly braising, which is what you're doing here. I assume you're following a recipe that calls for 2 hours of cooking? Many recipes for braised meat dishes tend to understate the amount of time it needs to be cooked to become tender (just like how they will tell you you can caramelise onions in 20 minutes). 2 hours is a ...


I use salt and STTP when I make burgers and bakso, (that’s the hard meatballs). Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) There is an article on it that may be of interest.

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