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In my opinion, vacuum marination only works on compressible items such as cucumbers. Meat such as beef steak and chicken breast are vitually incompressible and vacuum marination has absolutely no effect and is a complete waste of time. There is an excellent scientific justification for this view here.


Generally speaking, to answer the final question in the post, i.e., "It is sometimes unsafe to cook large cuts of meat using sous vide techniques," the answer is assuredly, "Yes, it is sometimes unsafe." The problem is that it's difficult to identify precisely when it becomes unsafe. That's why the USDA guidelines are so strict: they are meant to be simple ...


According to the USDA, any food held in the so-called temperature “danger zone” (between 40°F and 140°F) for more than two hours presents a risk of food-borne illness from the growth of pathogenic bacteria. But you can also sear the outside of the cuts before you cook them, just to kill off any surface bacteria. Where most of them are located. This site ...

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