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I'd say either your parmesan is aged too much, or you're not working it hard enough for long enough; work it harder & add it slower to test the latter. According to Wikipedia, Fettuccini Alfredo needs young parmesan - which ironically is probably cheaper & marked as 'supermarket own-brand, economy-grade'. It definitely melts better than 'premium ...


I don't have the exact same experience, but I did have some egg pasta noodles I'd already rolled out in the fridge for a couple days, and they discolored like yours did. I cooked them anyway and really didn't detect any difference. I felt, if anything, the pasta might have been a bit firmer than if I'd cooked it fresh, but I'd think that has more to do with ...


Most likely the peppers. Jalapeño & Banana Peppers are usually canned as a pickle, so yes, it is sour. You added some of the pickle liquid as well; I feel your dissatisfaction with the results. =-) I love peppers (pickled or otherwise) in noodles. What I do to cut down on the sourness is drain the peppers of it's liquid and rinse with cold water once. ...


Boiling it in ink will give some flavor and color, but it won't be part of the pasta. Instead, you could make a squid ink-based sauce to toss it in afterwards. Here's an example recipe:


Kneading aids gluten development, which does facilitate dough stretch-ability. You do need to let the dough rest, after kneading. This allows for hydration, but also lets the gluten structure "relax" so that the dough can be stretched. Gluten development also impacts crumb texture. So, for, say biscuits, you would not want to knead and develop gluten. For ...

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