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Avoiding clumps in cacio e pepe?

I think the key here is heat. The cheese clumps when it too hot, and the key of this recipe is temperature control, that is why you have to grate the cheese as finely as possible. Tips: Take the pan ...
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Is there an official name for the pasta in between carbonara and cacio e pepe?

From a quick google search, it seems to be named "cacio e uova", uova in Italian means eggs. If you can read italian this giallo zafferano recipe might help https://ricette.giallozafferano....
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How can you cook a Spaghetti Carbonara sous-vide?

In my understanding a traditional Carbonara recipe using no cooking of the egg yolks at all. The steps are Fry the bacon Boil the pasta Mix the egg yolks and the grated cheese Pour the egg yolk ...
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How can you cook a Spaghetti Carbonara sous-vide?

The answer appears to be 63C for around 1 hour. You should never exceed 65C because the sauce will break. Having answered your question, I want to point out some problems with doing Carbonara sous-...
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When cooking pasta in salted water how much of the salt is absorbed?

You're all overthinking it.. So: you have a measured amount of water at 10g salt per litre (or 1%) (this is the right level of salt in pasta water which Italians use).. So I have 2500ml of water with ...
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