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Been eating and cooking blackeye peas for over 30 years and yes, the water turning brown is quite normal. Still enjoying them.


The soak doesn't swell them to 'cooked' level; the cooking does that. It is true that very old beans will never be tender, but you have no good way to find that out before you spend the next two hours simmering them. [Change the water first & don't salt them until the last half hour]. This covers most of the basics, over several methods - How to Cook ...


I can speak from personal experience that I sprout ALL beans prior to eating them. I "germinate" lentils, too (LOL.) I do this precisely because of the article referenced above! In the process of bean germination, the chemical/sugar that causes most gas and bloating in humans disappears! This is a big deal to me. Soak overnight until little bubbles ...

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