For a domestic kitchen a few thousand BTU is plenty as you will rarely need to heat more than a few liters of liquid. In a professional kitchen you might be asked to prepare a 30-litre portion of soup or broth or make 5 kilos of dry pasta at once. Doing that on a domestic range would take ages and that is not something you want in a kitchen. And with the ...


It might be a Midas Ice Cream Maker, one of us found. Makes healthy frozen treats in only 20 minutes Simply place the Midas in your freezer overnight, once frozen fill with chilled ice cream mixture Use to quickly chill soups and dips, as an ice bucket or a wine cooler Makes 2x1.5 litre batches before refreezing Hypoallergenic, durable stainless steel ...


I suspect it is an ice cream maker. Freeze the parts and put a solution into the gap to be displaced and maximise the surface area but it remains accessible to scrape of and reinsert a few times and voila, Ice cream/ sorbet.

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